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At Gradient, we understand how much a business system, be that Finance, ERP or CRM, means to you and your business. But we also understand that sometimes the technology around this can change quicker than you have the time to react, giving you a headache when it comes to managing change or upgrading your business systems.

With this in mind, we have specifically tailored our services to help you keep in step with these changes. Making sure you have all the critical business information you need when you need it the most.

Our Services

Specification & System Selection

Do you need help to select new software?

We can help and support you to select the best software and vendor for your business.

Business Systems Check

Do you need to review your systems?

We can provide all the help and support for you to make sure things are running smoothly.

Project & Change Management

Do you need change in your business?

Our Project Managers can work with you to execute your plans for business growth.

Project Audits & Recovery

Has your project gone off track?

Our team are experienced in managing different types of software projects.

We are specialists in helping our clients review their business systems, define their requirements for the future and finally help select and implement their chosen new solution.  Our Transforming team have decades of experience as consultants, business owners and project managers.  Since 1997, we have built up a formidable reputation in the industry for being able to help businesses transform their information systems.

We have an honest and practical approach, based on real-world experience, and recognise that a successful project, that truly transforms a business, requires the alignment of people, processes, and systems.

We are proud to have supported

Case Studies

ERP System Selection. Having taken over the business as part of an MBO, Buoyant management recognised the risks and therefore decided to undergo an ERP system selection project. The new system had to handle all facets of the business from product design and change management, planning through to product configuration of orders, scheduling of shop floor on “make to order” basis, dispatch/transport planning, handling of customer issues and accounts.

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