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Project Governance you can trust

The successful implementation of any business system creates unique challenges: the demand to support the day to day operational requirements whilst at the same time, devoting sufficient effort and resources to achieve a successful project outcome.

Given we have over 25 years of implementing many different solutions in a wide variety of businesses, we feel well qualified to recommend good project governance as essential to project success.  For us, we believe there are some core benefits of adopting this approach:

  • Assurance that the project is adequately prioritised and resourced, in order to provide early alerts where any resource (capacity or capability) issues exist
  • A visible and transparent project, where progress is substantial and widely communicated so the sponsors are supported in championing the project
  • Proactive engagement with all the relevant stakeholders and project team members to ensure all interested parties are consulted and informed
  • Adherence to agreed ways of working including documentation, methodologies and philosophies
  • Management of the solution vendor or implementation partner to ensure they meet defined deadlines for quality, budget and timescales.

In terms of how we deliver this, we consider there are two complementary elements – project management and change management  – key project roles which together ensure the successful upgrade or implementation of a modern business system.

Why you should work with us


We were established in 1997.


Over 100 years' experience across our team.


We work with you, not for any vendor.


Trusted in our field of expertise.

What do we offer

Project Management

  • Creation and ownership of a comprehensive project plan – what, who and by when

  • Monitoring against agreed budgets and timescales and give early indication and escalation of delays

  • Proactive assessment and mitigation of issues and risks

  • Assurance that all actions and issues are recorded, assigned and progressed

  • Support teams and individuals within your project implementation team

Change Management

  • Design and implementation of the change management strategy and plan

  • Design and implementation of a communications plan

  • Full sponsor and stakeholder analysis, assessment and regular engagement
  • Close liaison with change agents to help champion the project

  • Definition and execution of readiness assessments and results analysis

Gradient’s Project Managers have many years of experience of managing all kinds of projects, from simple technology upgrades to global ERP implementations.  Accreditation to relevant Project and Change Management standards mean they offer best practice but with flexibility to suit each client and project.

GBG choose Gradient for Project Management and Governance.

“We gained new ideas on managing and reporting on projects due to Pete’s involvement. His technical expertise meant he could contribute to the project outside of the initial scope of governance which added to the quality of the team overall”.

GBG logoMick Hegarty, GBG

Project Managers that become part of your team.

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