Gradient to match all donations to our fundraising team

Only ten days to go to our family fun day… We are looking to raise £2500 for Emmaus as part of our 25th birthday celebrations and things are hotting up!

With the three directors facing a barrage of wet sponges, there is some jostling for the top spot on the leaderboard. At the time of posting, Steff was currently leading, with Lesley not too far behind. There is less than £5 in it!

Sadly Mike is in the third spot, so if you want to save him, you need to get donating.

The latest news from the senior management team is that Gradient will match any donations raised, which is amazing news!

If you want to save a director, then follow the link to our fundraising page here

If you want to know about who you’re saving, then find out more about the team here

To find out more about the important work Emmaus do, then check out their website here

Who do you want to save?