Gradient Transforming are excited to be providing Expert Technologies Group, a Midlands based manufacturer of industrial automation systems, with our project and change management services.

Over the next 12 months, we will be working with Expert to help them implement a new ERP system for use in the UK across their three locations. The project is now approaching the end of the design stage and will soon enter the next phase of detailed testing by the key users within their project team.

Gradient have been selected to bring their proven project governance processes to bear in order to ensure the new system is implemented on time, within budget and that it meets the original expectations of the business.

This will involve a hybrid approach of remote and on-site working and close collaboration with the ERP vendor’s implementation partner.

As ever, the challenges for a project of this nature will be to ensure the right people and processes are in place to enable the new system to best serve the business and their customers whilst also carefully managing the disruption to the current business as usual.