No one likes to make the wrong choice.

No one likes to have the wrong choice thrust upon them.

If you are looking for a new business system then you’ve probably acknowledged that this is a big decision to make – neither you nor your business can afford to get it wrong.  Prevaricating, or worse – doing nothing, could cost you even more.

But how do you know what the right choice is when it comes to finding and implementing a new system?  Unless you have as much experience as we have in evaluating and implementing ERP and CRM solutions, then your deliberations and final choice may turn out to be more guesswork than legwork.

Gradient’s 25 years of experience in helping businesses both select and implement the right system can be leveraged for your benefit.  Let us do the legwork for you!

So, do you need help to make the right choice?  If so, read on!

How do we help you make the right choice?

Our approach is successful because we use our real-world industry experience to focus on the core capabilities you’ll need to streamline your current processes, implement new ones and to make your business more agile and responsive to change.

Together we can use this opportunity to help you successfully transform your processes and in turn, your business.

We have a four-step approach to everything we do from ‘spec ‘n select’ engagements through to implementation and change management to ensure we deliver value throughout our work with you.  It’s our APEX©  methodology.


What do you need to make the right choice?

Typically, you will want the following for each potential solution that could work in your business:-

  • Insightful and unbiased analysis of responses to the Statement of Requirements
  • Comprehensive assessment of capabilities, costs, deployment, and implementation considerations aligned to stated business objectives
  • Demonstrable domain-expertise by the short-listed vendors in their demonstrations
  • Weighting and prioritising of functional needs and desired outcomes across the business.

Although each project is different, we nonetheless use a tried and tested approach to allow you to make your choice and to understand the rationale for doing so.

No matter how much one might like to think one can be dispassionate and rational about making important decisions, it is difficult to avoid confirmation bias in your deliberations.

To ameliorate this tendency, we ask you and your project team together to set the criteria and scoring for those agreed critical success factors and their potential to deliver value to the business.


This approach not only helps to reduce any confirmation bias which may creep into the process, but it also ensures that all the stakeholders in the project have some ‘skin in the game’ and will be further motivated to make the project a success.

This process may also help to reduce the tendency to only hear the loudest voices in the team.  If everyone has a say and a voice, then it will be easier to deliver the desired business outcomes because there will be a rational consensus about what the business needs and when.

Peace of mind

There’s nothing worse than buyer’s remorse, but with an ERP or CRM implementation project potentially impacting the business for many years, it’s a decision that could give you sleepless nights for a long time.  We meet far too many clients who have either selected the first vendor who’d contacted them or worse still followed a short selection process but with insufficient depth to ensure the best solution is chosen. Don’t take just our word for it, why not see what our client Auto Marine Cables had to say?

So why not call us or get in touch to discuss how we can make you sleep like a baby!