How do you know that you need a business systems MOT?

If you feel you are losing touch with some of your competitors, then now may be a good time!

With customers and clients expecting increased levels of customer service and supply chains stretched, your business needs to perform. Unfortunately, legacy software cannot always withstand the pressures of today’s markets, so it could be the thing that is holding you back.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

This blog looks at three reasons you need to work with us to drive transformation in your business.


We take a holistic approach to business.

With every project we work on, no matter how small, we take time to understand your business. Depending on your business, that could cover everything from full ERP systems to CRM or Finance systems.

But it’s not just the software; it’s the processes you have in place too.

Even for something like our Business Systems MOT service, generally done over a shorter time frame, we make sure we dig into how your business works.

We do this by taking the time to talk to your team but also taking time to listen.

The key members of your company that make everything tick are always at the heart of what we do. By understanding how they see things and what happens daily, we can get a full 360 view of your business.

After gathering all this information and gaining this perspective, we can spot things others sometimes miss. The little things you may not even notice can make a more significant difference further down the road.

Think of us as critical friends for your business!


We do not push our agenda.

At Gradient, we understand that no matter the outcome of our work with you, you must live with it. Therefore, we never try and force our way of working onto your business.

We also do not push one particular solution over another.

For example, our MOT looks for opportunities, challenges and costs. For example, are you paying too much for software licenses you are not using? Do you have a plan for upgrades or disasters?

These are the sorts of questions that many businesses know they need to answer but sometimes never seem to find the time to address fully.

But when looking at these, we do not tell you what you should be doing. We work with you to find out what is right for you. It could be that the software you are using right now is the correct answer; it may be as simple as using it slightly differently or adding an integration.


We want you to see the results.

The final part of our MOT service is a comprehensive report that details what is needed to move forward.

The report gives you recommendations based on information we discovered during our time with you. This report also gives you action steps. Because we can recommend many things, quick, actionable steps will support you in creating lasting change in your business.

Some steps could recommend that you take a detailed look at what business software is right for you. There are options. You could choose to work with us further and use our System Selection service, or you could choose to work with another provider. Either way, this report could become the foundation of your business transformation.

We think these three benefits of asking us to deliver an MOT on your business not only give you a rapid indication of what could be your next steps, but also will definitely help you avoid making the wrong investment in the wrong solution.  Our Transforming team have carried out many similar assignments with clients of all sizes and within different sectors and their knowledge, coupled with real-world experience, we believe sets Gradient apart in the business transformation arena.

Why not get in touch if you’re interested in working with us?