Follow the Leader: steps to achieve ERP implementation success and enhance your business’s offering.

Our methodology flows through project stages, with each comprising of several elements and deliverables.  This approach has been used successfully across a broad range of businesses. Each step provides the right level of engagement, traceability and process enhancement, whilst involving your team in the process throughout.  As a result, the project is a business-owned one rather than simply an IT one.


    Focused on understanding as-is processes and the requirements for a new or upgraded system.


    Working towards a to-be design. Think of workshops, system alignment, gap analysis and training.

  3. BUILD

    Time to set up and test the system, ideally supported by your IT or system administration teams.

  4. PILOT

    The key to this phase is to ensure that the users testing the system don’t lose control or focus.


    Step five is short but intense. Final piloting, end-user training and a full transition from the old system to the new.


    The system is live, but this is not the end. Repeat the steps above to ensure the system works productively.

This approach will work effectively for all types of implementation projects, including upgrades. Of course, it will need to be adapted depending on your business. Furthermore, we understand generic vendor implementation plans arent always realistic, as every company is unique with varying requirements. Contact us to discuss how our methodology could help you find the right partner for success.


ERP Implementation-Steps to Success


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